Wax Kraft Paper

    Our Wax Kraft Paper is a staple product for any cutting room. It's wax finish allows for easy, smooth cutting, creating clean lines and edges. The wax finish also helps keep cutting knives lubricated during the cutting process, making a more efficient process with less stopping. Wax paper also helps keep cutting papers from sticking to the product being cut. Our stock sizes are listed below, but custom sizes are available.
    Standard Widths:
    • 24"
    • 45"
    • 48"
    • 60"
    • 66"
    • 6"
    • 8"
    • Anti-fusion cutting paper
    • Ideal for keeping cutting papers from sticking together
    • Keeps knives lubricated, keeping cutting smooth and clean
    Other and custom weights, widths, and lengths available upon request
    Wax Kraft Paper