Design and cutting rooms require many different types of tools and accessories and S. Walter is here to help with all of your needs, from Fairgate rulers and measuring tools, to Chainex gloves and aprons, to endless sizes of knives and scissors. We are committed to keeping every design house and cutting room operating using the most economical and updated tools and supplies available.

    Chainex Gloves

    • Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
    • Three and Five Finger styles
    Composed of:
    • Lightweight, AISI 316 Stainless Steel Links
    • Adjustable nylon straps
    Other Attributes:
    • Complies with USDA requirements
    • Five finger glove is ambidextrous/reversible

    Chainex Aprons

    • 24"x22" - for persons under 5'5"
    • 30"x22" - for persons over 5'5"
    Composed of:
    • Welded rings, stainless steel AISI 316L
    • Wire thickness is 0.8mm, with internal diameter of 5.5mm
    Other Attributes:
    • Tough and comfortable
    • Comes with belt and adjustable, detachable straps

    Ultra-Lamex Apron

    • 24"x22" - for persons under 5'5"
    • 30"x22" for persons over 5'5"
    Composed of:
    • Rectangular aluminum plates (35x19mm)
    • Stainless steel rings, AISI 316L
    Other Attributes:
    • Tough and comfortable
    • Strong and flexible
    • Comes with belt and adjustable, detachable straps

    Measuring Tools

    Pocket Rulers:
    • Stainless steel, 6inch pocket rulers with sliding pocket clip
    • Available in inches and metric
    Printer's & Publisher's Rulers:
    • Manufactured from high-quality 0.032" stainless steel
    • Non-slip backing, provides traction and lifts blade for smudge-free inking
    • Manufactured from high quality hard 0.040" thick tempered aluminum
    • Break resistant
    • Calibrated in 16ths
    • Manufactured from high quality hard, tempered alumnium
    • Break resistant
    • Extremely lightweight
    • Provides 12 common printer's scales and a proportion scale for reductions and enlargements
    • Standard - made from hard, tempered aluminum
    • Heavy Duty - made from extra heavy aluminum with an extra wide head
    • Little Wonder Corner Markers - has Stem and Wings; all aluminum variation of the T-square design
    Triangular Scales:
    • Manufactured from solid anodized aluminum
    • Color-coded for quick and accurate selection of desired scale
    • Clear, precise increments are easy to read
    Fashion Designer's Kits:
    • Made to meet the needs of everyone in the fashion design industry
    • Each kit contains a selection of hard tempered aluminum tools and the book A Guide to Patternmaking
    • Includes an attractice portfolio zippered case with room for tools, fabrics, drawings, and patterns
    • Contoured and curves measuring instruments
    • Manufactured from high quality, tempered aluminum
    • Break resistant
    • Extremely lightweight

    Knives & Scissors

    • Full line of cutting knives for Eastman, Maimin, Wolf, Allstar, Hitaka, Hoog, KM, Huris, Suprena, and Slitting
    • Sharpening stones & bands for Eastman, Gury, KM, Maimin, and Wolf
    • Cutter parts for Eastman, KM, Wolf, and Mainmin cutters
    • Scissors & Shears
    • Specialty Shears & Snips
    • Thread Clips
    • Lightweight Scissors & Shears
    • Scissors Sharpener
    • Tweezers, Seam Rippers

    Textile Cleaning & Spot Removal

    Mystic Spray Gun #01B:
    • Adjustable nozzle
    • High-quality metal construction
    Lil-Sucker® Portable Spot Cleaning Station:
    • Economical & Sturdy
    • Powerful exhaust
    • Hangs on walls or rests on tables
    Pre-Spotter Awesome®:
    • Water-based pre-spotter
    • Excellent in removal of inks
    • Loosens and removes embedded fabric soils
    Pre-Spotter Blood Go®:
    • Blood remover
    • Pre-spotter for fabric prior to being spot treated or dry cleaned
    • Loosens and removes embedded fabric soils
    Pre-Spotter Ink-Erad®:
    • Solvent based ink remover
    • Used as pre-spotter in removal of most forms of fabric ink
    • Flammable
    • Does not contain methylene chloride
    Pre-Spotter Stain-B-Gone®:
    • Typically used when no cleaning gun is available
    • Aerosol liquid spotter
    • Powerful & fast-drying
    • Non-flammable, non-ozone depleting
    Pull-Out Premium®:
    • Pull-out free, aerosol powdered spot remover
    • Made to remove the ring or circle that appears in fabrics
    • Excellent replacement for powders containing methylene chloride or 1,1,1 TRI
    Pull-Out 2®:
    • Number 1 powdered spot remover
    • A must-have for any operation that cleans fabric stains
    • Removes grease, soil, and oil stains
    • Removes ring or circle that may appear after initial stain is removed
    • Contains methylene chloride