Dye Sublimation Tissues

    We manage a full line of dye sublimation ("dye sub") protection tissues (also commonly referred to as sublimation tissue, ghosting tissue, protection paper, protection tissue, heat transfer tissue, or blotter paper), used for blanket protection of rotary heat presses. Our tissues are capable of withstanding heavy ink applications and safeguarding against ghosting, producing high-quality print results, and prolonging the life of heat press belts.
    • 4" to 199" (102mm to 5040mm)
    • Light Weight: 19 grams
    • Performance: 25 grams
    • Heavy Duty: 32 grams
    • Protects and extends the life of calender, heat press, and heat press belts
    • Prevents discoloring/yellowing of the printed substrate during the heat transfer process
    • Prevents ink penetration
    • Compatible with all standard dye sublimation equipment, including equipment manufactured by Monti Antonio, Klieverik, AIT Equipment, Digiheat, Eastman, Practix, Lemaire, Guardian, Metalnox, and Royal Sovereign
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    Dye Sublimation Tissues