Corrugated Cartons

    Our stock corrugated packing cartons come in many sizes for whatever you need to protect in transit. These boxes come flat and pop out, needing to be taped on the bottom, filled, and then sealed closed where the two flaps meet in the middle of the box. We also carry wardrobe boxes for on-hanger shipping. Need carton stuffing/fill to protect and cushion your transported goods? Check out our Excelsior page.

    Corrugated Cube Cartons

    Standard Sizes:
    • 6x6x6
    • 8x8x8
    • 10x10x10
    • 12x12x12
    • 16x16x16
    • 20x20x20
    • 24x18x16
    • Many other and custom sizes available
    Corrugated Cube Cartons

    Wardrobe Cartons

    • We have many sizes available of wardrobe cartons for on-hanger shipping from distribution to store, or store to customer
    • These cartons keep your garments wrinkle free and protect from carrier abuse
    • See our hanger & poly bag section for information on poly garment bags and hangers
    • Custom size hanger packs available
    Wardrobe Cartons