Tags, Barbs, & Attachments

    Our line of tagging guns and equipment will help your retail environment identify and organize products quickly and efficiently. From the guns themselves to the needles and fasteners that go into them, we have many different sizes, grades, and colors, as well as different options depending on the type of fabric - from regular to fine to heavy duty.
    Tagging Guns:
    • Regular Tagging Guns
    • Fine Fabric Tagging Guns
    • Regular, Pistol, Or Scissor Grip Options
    • Electric Guns w/ rechargeable batter packs
    Tagging Gun Needles:
    • Regular, Fine, or Heavy Duty
    • Insert into tagging gun
    Fasteners & Attachments:
    • Paddle, T-end, C-Hook, or J-Hook Barbs
    • Barrel, Double Barrel, or Cone Head Loop Fasteners ("Super Circles")
    • Lengths: 0.5" to 9"
    • Standard Colors: Clear, White, Black